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This section of the site is where I make site news announcements and document the creation of any content I may be working on such as new art designs, animated shorts, courses, tutorials, and more.

Latest News and Projects

The Lazy Animator Guide to Cartoon Animator Camera Craft
Cartoon Animator Camera Craft

An all new Cartoon Animator Course, The Lazy Animator Guide to Cartoon Animator Camera Craft will teach how and when to use all the basic camera shots used by Hollywood film makers. 

The course will also teach how to recreate more difficult and dynamic shots that will make your animations more cinematic. More info at The Lazy Animator.

Reddy Typewriter NFT
TET Animated Art NFTs

I recently started exploring the world of NFT's by creating a profile and my first NFT on OpenSea, one of the first and largest NFT markets. Visit my OpenSea profile.

If you've never heard of NFT's or aren't clear on what they are I wrote an article in my TET Life Blog that gives you an easy to understand overview.

Upcoming Projects...

  • Bat Storm. Logline: A single dad and his teenage daughter make ends meet by dressing up as Superheroes for children's parties, and also fighting crime. Animated series.
  • Men In Black (Parody). Logline: One crazy monkey plots to take over the world, after being sent to his room one too many times, as the next US President is sworn in and introduced to the highly secretive MIB. Animated series.

Art Time Productions is an independent Animation and Content creation studio owned by South Australian Artist, Writer, Animator, Video Producer, David Arandle A.K.A. The Extraordinary Tourist or 'TET' for short.

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