Art Time Productions offers my creative services to businesses of all sizes,
specializing in small business and individuals requiring professional animated explainer videos on a tight budget.

I work remotely with businesses wherever they are located, whether in a different state or even a whole other country, communicating via email, as the most efficient way to collaborate across different time zones.

For more information about my Animated Explainer Video Service visit my dedicated website at where you'll find basic pricing information and sample videos created for some of my previous clients.

Art Time Productions has changed...

Previously Art Time Productions offered the following services; Web Site Design and maintenance/Custom Templates; Logo Design; Illustration; Personalized Pet Art; Layout and Design for Print on Demand Services; Copy Writing.

Currently the business is totally focused on creating animated videos for businesses and is not taking on any new business relating to previous services.

However if you are an existing client with a website created by me I will continue to provide updates as needed at my usual rate.


David Arandle (a.k.a. TET)
Owner/Manager, Art Time Productions

Contact Details

Please contact me at
if you have any inquiries about my services.